Founder and Ceo

Founder Former President & CEO The late George Otis, VOICE OF HOPE / High Adventure Ministries

George Otis was a man of many accomplishments.  Years after leaving Lear Jet Inc. as the Chief Executive Officer, he wrote a book in which he describes the experience of walking with Jesus as true “High Adventure”; an experience even more thrilling than the speed of powerful jet engines.

Founder Present President & CEO Jackie Yockey, President & CEO

Jackie Mitchum Yockey is the President and Chief Executive Officer of VOICE OF HOPE - High Adventure Ministries. She stepped into this position when the ministry's founder, George Otis, retired. Since then she has established a radio studio that is sending the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Israel and around the world from Jerusalem. We are steadfast in our love for the land and for the people of Israel!