Chief Executive Officer
of Voice of Hope Voice of Jerusalem 


Jackie is Chief Executive Officer of HIGH ADVENTURE MINISTRIES, a global
broadcasting network presenting the “word of the Lord from Jerusalem” (Micah 2:4).  Jackie’s home and High Adventure’s corporate offices are based in Louisville, Kentucky. High Adventure has production and broadcasting facilities in Israel located in Jerusalem and USA in Kentucky and California.

Jackie is an author: She has written a book titled Looking For A City.  It’s a moving
account of how the Voice of Hope Lebanon studio staff and equipment were safely
rescued and moved to Israel when we were forced off the border. Had it not been for Jackie’s dedicated leadership at this time, some of the Lebanese radio staff would have been martyred. Jackie saw to it that all who chose to be relocated were safely rescued.

Jackie has her own radio program. She hosts “Gems From Jerusalem” a daily one half hour program heard on the Voice of Hope (www.highadventure.org).

Over forty-five years of service to the Lord has filled Jackie’s heart with love for people. She has hosted more than twenty tours to the Holy Land. Her talent to network peoples, cultures and communities extends God’s love throughout the earth.